His first professional job as a cartoonist was at the age of 16.

Later he works for Advertising Agencies, making storyboards for advertising spots. This would enrich him in the sense of learning to tell a story in a short time and calculating the montage and planning of each scene to the millimeter.

At the end of the 70s he left Argentina and ended up in Europe, where he began to work for Italian, Spanish and French publishing houses. In 1979 he published Estrella Negra, his first color work. Then they would appear Trash, A Question of Time, The Fourth Estate, Leo Roa and Eternal Game, works that would denote his penchant for the fantastic and science fiction.

The acceptance by the public and critics have made him worthy of numerous international awards: Best Cartoonist chosen by readers of the 1984 and Comix International magazines in 1983, 84, 85 and 90; Prize for the Best Cartoonist at the Barcelona Comic and Illustration Salon in 1984; Yellow Kid awarded by the Lucca International Comic Fair in 1990; Bulle D’Or in France in 1994. His works have been exhibited in different cities around the world, especially the one carried out at the Georges Pomidou Center in Paris, in 1997.

He worked together with the screenwriter Alejandro Jodorowsky on the successful science fiction series » La Casta de los Metabarones » and in the pre-production of a short film.