Juan Giménez Legacy

Since Juan decided to leave us, his wife, Silvia, immediately thought how part of his legacy could be shared with all the fans he had for years around the world. 

Juan was very careful to keep all his work and hobbies very well documented and organised and since many months ago all of this stuff has been classified and stamped as «JG Legacy» in order to offer the possibility to fans and collectors the possibility  to acquire his personal collection of books and other items he would be happy to share with his fans.
We hope you like it.

JG Legacy certification

Since the selection of all the items will be offered carefully selected step by step through this official website store, all this process has been carefully registered by Silvia and Corner4art Gallery, SL who are responsables under her mandatory to certificate and seal the products one on one with the intention of identify the ones who became part of his personal collection.

All items comes with its own «JG Legacy» dry seal and Certificate of Authenticity hand signed and numbered by a Corner4art Gallery, SL official representative under mandatory of Juan legitimate heiress.