Juan Giménez Legacy

After Juan left us, his wife, Silvia thought about how a part of his legacy could be shared with the fans he had from around the world. 

Juan was very careful to properly document and organise all of his work.Each one of his work has been classified and marked as «JG Legacy» in order to offer fans and collectors the possibility to acquire his personal collection of books and other items which he would have been happy to share.
We hope you like it.

JG Legacy certification

Each item has been carefully selected and made a part of this Official Website Store by foremost step by step process. In order to identify the products which become a part of his personal collection, one on one has been certified and sealed by Corner4art Gallery, SL, according to the mandatory of Juan’s family members.

Each item comes with its own «JG Legacy» dry seal and Certificate of Authenticity hand signed and numbered by a Corner4art Gallery, SL official representative, as per the mandate of Juan legitimate heiress.